Slurp Laboratories – Hydromer Slurp Laboratories – Hydromer I had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with Slurp Laboratories on their innovative Hydromer campaign. The primary goal was to create an immersive sound experience that centered around real-life environments. With an unwavering focus on authenticity, my mission was to bring these spaces to life through sound. From bustling city […]

Arin Özmen – Nike Commercial

Arin Özmen – Nike Commercial “Initiated from my friend Melisa Ozcan’s concept sketch of an imaginary Nike sneaker, this project ended up being a study to better understand as well as improve my 3D Modelling, Texturing, and Lighting skills. The amazing SFX were done by the talented Filippo Valvassori Bolgè. “ Arin Özmen Credits: 3D Artist: […]

The North Face – Icons Remastered Sound Design Rework

The North Face – Icons Remastered Sound Design Rework For the Icon Remastered advertising campaign by The North Face, I undertook a Sound Re-design project aimed at accentuating the contrast between nature and technology. To achieve this, I skillfully blended natural environmental sounds with electronic and futuristic elements. The objective was to create an immersive […]

LAVAZZA – Caffè Hacks

LAVAZZA – Caffè Hacks I had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with Lavazza on a groundbreaking project for their Training Center. Over the course of this collaboration, I worked on 10 captivating videos for the ‘Caffe Hacks’ series. What made this project truly unique was the innovative approach of blending the sounds of coffee, foley […]


Lumi Both conversation-worthy contemporary light and wood side table, LUMI is back-lit from below its table top or, when flipped via turn-and-pull joint, a direct light source. Circular geometry define both functions of the two-in-one design. Client: Pietro Mondini Music & Sound Design: Filippo Valvassori Bolgè  Linkedin-in Behance Instagram Vimeo Home About Contact Privacy Policy

Napapijri – Be Out There – Sound Re-Design

Napapijri Fall Winter 22 – Sound Re-design In the sound redesign for Napapijri’s Be Out There campaign, I aimed to create a captivating interpretation of the visuals and locations showcased in the video. With a strong focus on the voice-over and the stunning landscapes, I sought to enhance the overall experience. Fascinated by the merging […]

Stump Chair

Stump Chair – Sound Design The sound design created for Pietro Mondini’s outdoor chair is a harmonious blend of contemporary beats and the natural sounds of wood and metal. Through the skillful integration of a modern beat, the characteristic sounds of the chair’s wood and metal were artfully intertwined, resulting in a unique and captivating […]

DIOR – Men’s Summer 2022 Campaign Sound Re-Design Dior Men’s Summer 2022 Sound Re-Design I have redesigned the sound for Dior’s two advertisements, captivatingly emphasizing the theme of light with a blend of music and futuristic elements. The interplay of contemporary electronic sounds with the noise of lights brings a new dimension to the campaign, crafting an immersive sound journey. Credits: DIOR […]

Loewe x ON Sound Re-Design

Loewe x On Sound Re-Design In this sound redesign for Loewe in collaboration with On, I was captivated by the enchanting sounds of nature. Drawing inspiration from the harmonious melodies and soothing rhythms of the natural world, I sought to infuse the advertisement with an essence of simplicity and organic beauty. To achieve this, I […]

Arin Özmen – WD40

Arin Özmen – WD-40 “Personal project of a WD-40 can inspired by a weekend where this product helped me a lot working on my bike and car. Overall a study of materials, texturing, lighting and hard surface modelling rendered in Blender with Cycles. Sound design done by the talented Filippo Valvassori Bolgè.” Arin Özmen 3D […]