Slurp Laboratories – Hydromer Slurp Laboratories – Hydromer I had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with Slurp Laboratories on their innovative Hydromer campaign. The primary goal was to create an immersive sound experience that centered around real-life environments. With an unwavering focus on authenticity, my mission was to bring these spaces to life through sound. From bustling city […]

Arin Özmen – Nike Commercial

Arin Özmen – Nike Commercial “Initiated from my friend Melisa Ozcan’s concept sketch of an imaginary Nike sneaker, this project ended up being a study to better understand as well as improve my 3D Modelling, Texturing, and Lighting skills. The amazing SFX were done by the talented Filippo Valvassori Bolgè. “ Arin Özmen Credits: 3D Artist: […]

DIOR – Men’s Summer 2022 Campaign Sound Re-Design Dior Men’s Summer 2022 Sound Re-Design I have redesigned the sound for Dior’s two advertisements, captivatingly emphasizing the theme of light with a blend of music and futuristic elements. The interplay of contemporary electronic sounds with the noise of lights brings a new dimension to the campaign, crafting an immersive sound journey. Credits: DIOR […]

The North Face – Icons Remastered Sound Design Rework

The North Face – Icons Remastered Sound Design Rework For the Icon Remastered advertising campaign by The North Face, I undertook a Sound Re-design project aimed at accentuating the contrast between nature and technology. To achieve this, I skillfully blended natural environmental sounds with electronic and futuristic elements. The objective was to create an immersive […]

LAVAZZA – Caffè Hacks

LAVAZZA – Caffè Hacks I had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with Lavazza on a groundbreaking project for their Training Center. Over the course of this collaboration, I worked on 10 captivating videos for the ‘Caffe Hacks’ series. What made this project truly unique was the innovative approach of blending the sounds of coffee, foley […]


Lumi Both conversation-worthy contemporary light and wood side table, LUMI is back-lit from below its table top or, when flipped via turn-and-pull joint, a direct light source. Circular geometry define both functions of the two-in-one design. Client: Pietro Mondini Music & Sound Design: Filippo Valvassori Bolgè  Linkedin-in Behance Instagram Vimeo Home About Contact Privacy Policy

Napapijri – Be Out There – Sound Re-Design

Napapijri Fall Winter 22 – Sound Re-design In the sound redesign for Napapijri’s Be Out There campaign, I aimed to create a captivating interpretation of the visuals and locations showcased in the video. With a strong focus on the voice-over and the stunning landscapes, I sought to enhance the overall experience. Fascinated by the merging […]

Stump Chair

Stump Chair – Sound Design The sound design created for Pietro Mondini’s outdoor chair is a harmonious blend of contemporary beats and the natural sounds of wood and metal. Through the skillful integration of a modern beat, the characteristic sounds of the chair’s wood and metal were artfully intertwined, resulting in a unique and captivating […]

Ring Twice – Sound Branding

Ring Twice – Sound Branding Introducing the New Sound Branding for ‘Ring Twice’ Logo: The goal was to breathe life into an atmosphere of boundless enthusiasm, positivity, and playfulness through sound. With carefully curated tones andThe dynamic and spirited sound branding for ‘Ring Twice’ logo promises to ignite smiles and evoke a sense of delightful […]

Arin Özmen – Pills

Arin Özmen – Pills 3D Artist: Arin Özmen Sound Designer: Filippo Valvassori Bolgè Keep In Touch Linkedin-in Behance Instagram Vimeo Home About Contact Privacy Policy