Slurp Laboratories - Hydromer

I had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with Slurp Laboratories on their innovative Hydromer campaign. The primary goal was to create an immersive sound experience that centered around real-life environments. With an unwavering focus on authenticity, my mission was to bring these spaces to life through sound.

From bustling city streets to serene home spaces, every sonic detail was carefully selected and integrated to elicit genuine emotions.

The sound of heels tapping became the driving force, acting as the campaign’s principal beat. It effortlessly punctuated the narrative, providing a rhythm that harmoniously synchronized with the visual storytelling. The art of sound design lies in capturing the subtleties of life and utilizing them to enhance the overall experience.


Creative Director: William Dowlatkhah
Storyboard & Postproduction artist: Milena Sharifova
Models: Bella Lee
Music & Sound design: Filippo Valvassori Bolgè
Location: Seoul, Korea
For Slurp Laboratories © 

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